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Job Posted By : super management consultantsJob ID: JO18455
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Basic Details
Moderation Date
2010-06-10 (yyyy-mm-dd)
Post Date
2010-06-10 00:00:00 (yyyy-mm-dd)
Job Title
Head Sales and Marketing in Gurgaon
super management consultants
Work Type
Sales Head
Job Code
Not Specified
Job Mode
Gender ( Male / Female )
26 - 32 Years
6 - 8 Years
Required Educational Qualification/s
Education Level Stream Subject
Bachelors Science any
Masters Business Administration
Skills, Career Level, Salary Offered
Sales, Marketing
Career Level
Middle Management - Manager Equivalent
Salary Offered
INR 900000 to 1000000 [ Annual Salary]
Job Location/s
City State Country
Gurgaon Haryana India
Short Description
Designation- Head Sales & Marketing
Hospital Start-up GURGAON
1. Competencies (KSA)
1.1 Functional
1.1.1 Must
 Understand the Business Environment – The incumbent must have good understanding of the market profile, competition, un met needs, customers profile, brand building, communication channels etc.
 Must be able take a holistic business view and come out with Innovative Game changing Marketing strategies to ensure the Hospital profitability on the 1st year
 Improving Business Performance - Identifying and initiating opportunities for growth and margin improvement; driving synergies across business processes and activities; employing innovations, new technology; adopting/applying Hospital Best Practice; performing competitive assessments and benchmarking.
 Exploiting Information for Business Advantage - Distilling information and knowledge into actionable insights; maximizing utility of data by making it reusable; identifying opportunities to enhance product and service offerings through the incorporation of knowledge; investigating, piloting and implementing new information tools and techniques; working with IT experts to identify and apply alternative approaches to information and knowledge management.

1.1.2 Preferred
 Understands basics of P&L and financials

1.2 Behavioral
1.2.1 Must
 Demonstrates Drive beyond Expectation to Deliver – The incumbent must possess the personal drive that enables individuals to go the extra mile in delivering excellent performance.
 Visionary Leadership – The incumbent must be able to identify critical and key issues in a long term perspective quickly, have the ability to draw up long terms plans aligned to business and in anticipation of emerging business challenges, have the ability to put plan into action and change course midway keeping the long term objective in sight always, can prioritize between urgent and the important, can think both strategically and analytically and acts proactively
 Result Orientation - The incumbent must demonstrates the ability to anticipate, look for, recognize and seize opportunities, develops measures for tracking progress in meeting objectives and set individual work priorities and remove barriers to completion of tasks, is able to look out and target the projects or initiatives that require special attention, displays single-mindedness in directing energy at key targets, constantly displays a passion for winning and is energetic and decisive in driving new ideas.
 Should have sympathetic, caring and devoted nature with empathy for those who are in need of succor from suffering
 Strategic Thinking and Execution - Can anticipate the result of an action (If I do A, then B and C…), can identify patters between seemingly unrelated issues and can draw up inferences based of objective analysis of patterns, considers various alternatives and consequences before making a decision, can see the long-range implications of decisions and develops short-range tactics, continuously focuses of deliverables and tracks one’s own performance on meeting objectives and guidelines, establishes his own standards of performance and the desire to see things done logically, clearly and well, plans and monitors resources for better and effective utilization of men, machine and material

1.2.2 Preferred
 Communication skills - Can represent and articulate viewpoints in a way that positively influences the dialogue, demonstrates the ability to distill ideas into focused messages that inspires support and action from others, represents and articulates viewpoints in a way that positively influences the dialogue, has the ability to communicate effectively with individuals up, down, and across the organization, presents opinion accurately and persuasively – both one-on-one and to a group, negotiates with other groups to obtain resources, commitments and agreements
 Interpersonal Effectiveness - Uses rational arguments, without getting into ego states, and clear communication to influence, has the ability to adept oneself to different audiences, acts to gain support for ideas before decision making meetings, has a deep understanding of different cultures and adopts the appropriate style to gain commitments, involves others in decisions in order to build ownership for changes, contacts on a regular or intermittent basis people within and outside organization, listens carefully, ask questions, seeks opinion and tries to draw out people, before giving his point of view, can handle complaints and differences of view assertively and calmly, can use appropriately tone, language and emotionally loaded message as and when required, tries to see what ‘lies behind’ situations and behaviors, demonstrates an ability to meet and socialize with people at all levels, avoids making him/herself look good at the expense of other people.

2. Ideal Incumbent Profile

2.1 Qualification – Science Graduate; MBA-Marketing
2.2 Age – 28 - 32
2.3 Experience
2.3.1 Total – 6-7 Yrs
2.3.2 Relevant – 4 Yrs-5Yrs (Hospital- Start Up)
2.4 Preferred Industry – Hospital
2.5 CTC – ( 9-10 lacs -negotiable)

3. Specific requirements to be communicated to the consultant for hiring in addition:

Must have worked in Start Up Hospital Set Up

4. Sources for Candidates –

Health care Industry
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Recruiter Details
ID of Recruiter
832577 - [ Link of the Recruiter ]
Super Management Consultants
180 aashirwad apartments patparganj delhi 92
Pin/Zip Code
Fixed Phone
Mobile Phone
For better results, put the reference as 'JO18455 -'.
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